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Swiss Army Knife for Developers

UtilEngine is a browser extension that gives you essential tools you need to help boost productivity around work. It’s designed by developers, for developers.

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Made with you in mind

At UnveelWorks, our mission is to build a world where everyone can succeed in their dreams through developer tooling.

  • Save time

    Why remember and open several sites when one UtilEngine can do it all.

  • Safe data

    Don’t ever paste data to random websites. UtilEngine never uploads your data.

  • Boost productivity

    Make UtilEngine part of your development toolkit and instantly become productive.


UtilEngine has more than 20 powerful tools. You won't be able to imagine a world without them after using them.

  • Lorem Ipsum Generator

    Generate lorem ipsum placeholder text suitable for adding to your website or graphic design.

  • Random String

    Creates a series of numbers, letters, and symbols that have no pattern.

  • JSON Parser

    Format, validate, and easily navigate your formatted JSON data.

  • ChatGPT

    Use ChatGPT on any website.

  • RSA Key Generator

    Generate 512-bit, 1024-bit, 2048, and 4096-bit RSA public and private keys.

  • Image to Text

    Extract text from videos, images, pdfs, and more by selecting an area.

Invest in yourself with UtilEngine

Get rid of random sites from your browser and safeguard your data while increasing your productivity.

  • All features
  • License for 5 browsers
  • Available for Chrome, Brave, and Edge
  • All updates for lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

  • Do you offer a trial version?
    As of now, we don't provide any trial version. However, we have a 14-day refund policy, no questions asked.
  • Can I activate my license key on my work and home computer?
    Yes, one license key can be activated in 5 browsers simultaneously. You can manage your license keys with our Dashboard.
  • What browsers are supported by UtilEngine?
    UtilEngine supports Chrome, and Chromium forks like Brave, Edge, etc. It uses manifest version 3 which is not supported by Firefox.
  • Do you collect my data?
    The extension needs an internet connection to check your license once. Everything else is working offline. We don't collect any data other than your name and email. None of your data is shared with a third party. Even for landing page analytics, we use privacy-friendly options like Plausible.